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Bangalore Days

Gachibowli, Hyderabad.

June-2019, Hyderabad .Two years of bonding with this workplace and It was my last working day. Many thoughts in my mind and actually am not yet committed to one but i strongly decided to quit this job and really want to have some more knowledge than what i have now.!

Its been one month i left my job and really don’t have any idea about my next step. Again after two years am enjoying my freedom without any work stress and after a week started a Road trip to Shiridi SAIBABA darshan along with Cousins. BABA knows really well, What exactly i want to do and he given :). By the time I completed my Dharshan at BABA temple got a mail Manipal University that am selected for PG diploma course at Bangalore campus. Without any Second thought decided to join there so that i can enhance  my knowledge, Explore new place and meet new people. And the Journey is ON.

Ready to Fly…!

Its been 8 years in Hyderabad, Finally leaving my favorite place with lots of emotions. I’m bit scared about my step,really don’t have any idea about what kind of people am gonna meet and i know that am gonna miss my family, fav food and many. It’s not really tough but this Journey was really really Hard.

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad

New Beginnings…..

Manipal University, Bangalore Campus.

It’s a Sunny day and am totally tired with Journey , Finally reached campus with a Big blank in mind.3.45 Pm am fully hungry did’t had my lunch yet. Directly taken Admission to Hostel room. looking at the window , Had a bottle full of water and somewhat feeling better. this was the picture from my window and am liking this Sexy View of campus. This was my First day campus,was So busy in calls from family, friends.

For the first one week i was roaming here and there alone, Actually did’t found anyone of my Frequency. They started induction in Seminar Hall,its about 900 people were siting there and i was Feeling alone there for first one week. Then Classes were divided and we are just going and coming back like that ,still Don’t had any proper Communication with anyone. One moment!! i was waiting for a moment!!

Self motivation is the only thing can remove negative vibes from your mind. If you really want to grow mentally strong it’s ok to feel alone, I believe in it and i did it. When start something new don’t be afraid of these things, take sometime,motivate your self and am sure it will defiantly help you to grow High.

Waiting for a Moment!

Bangalore, India.

Its all started here…!

Sports Day Celebration at Manipal Campus, Bangalore.

This day was so Beautiful. We are Celebrated like our School days. Teasing everyone, Dancing like hell, roaming here and there, had funny Conversations and am loving this place now. Firstly, i can’t speak Hindi and most of them are from North states of India but somehow i managed to talk with them in Hindi. my Biggest transformation started here, i was so happy to met many people and all of them are very nice.

First Group Picture with My Gang

Sports day, till this day we all have unknown feeling but all of Sudden we made a Gang and Started Cheering to Everyone in that Sports Event.We all are from Different states and Different languages,but now our Common emotion is ” IMA IMA IMA …. “.

Great Mates

Few things have such a huge impact on happiness and the enjoyment, depth and plain fun of life as the friendships we have.

Happiness is when you surrounded by People with same frequency of lucky to got this people around me.They are always there for me when i was happy,sad,frustrated and in any kind of situation.If you found any people like this never let them go. Am sure your life becomes interesting.

Made with love

Chiken fried momos
Kabab Biryani

Before came here i thought i’ll never found better Biryani than in Hyderabad but after came here i addicted to Shalimar Kabab biryani and Chiken fried momos. Taste was really Awesome.

99 Dosa, One of my favorite food i found in Bangalore.

Dosa 99

Chai, Its an Emotion. Everyday we used to have tea and Sutta here.Having a Tea at new place also an Experience,its really helps you to get many more friends especially at Sutta point.

Jodhpur wala Chai

Deep Conversations when you found a right partner to have snaks in free time are Priceless.minutes becomes hours and Food becomes more delicious.

French fries in Campus

When South meets North!

 I don’t remember how it all started but i started roaming with all North Indian friends.I love their Culture,the way they dress, their food tastes,traditions and the way they talk to me was really beautiful, in fact i never got bored with them. I got a confidence that i can survive anywhere with any kind of people, am always thankful for them to made confidence in me.

Picture with my North Indian Friends

Dandiya nights!!

From the Sets of Dandiya Nights

I used to go for Dandiya nights in Hyderabad but am not that interested. after this event my state of mind was changed, i actually got to know about the real dandiya nights because of these people. This was so fun,love this tradition and especially dressing style.It was a Great Experience.

At dandiya Raas with my Chichore Gang

Raas or Dandiya Nights is the socio-religious folk dance originating from Indian state of Gujarat and popularly performed in the festival of Navaratri.The dance is performed in the Marwar region of the Rajasthan too.

The Shivoham Shiva Temple, situated at Old Airport Road, Bangalore, India was built in 1995. It features a Shiva statue that is 65 feet (20 m) tall idol. It is a famous Shiva Temple dedicated to the Hindu deity Lord Shiva and a popular spiritual destination. It is estimated that over 500,000 devotees and visitors come to this temple every year. On the occasion of Maha Shivaratri, between 100,000 and 150,000 devotees visit the temple every year. In the first six months of 2018, the temple has already been visited by 275,909 people.

Shivoham,Shiva temple , Bangalore city.

Jab dil pe lagti hai na tab dil Mahadev se lagta hai..

Nandhi Hills, Karnataka.

Nandhi Hills , Bangalore.

Motorcycle road trip to Nandhi Hills, Karnataka along with my Buddy. Enjoyed watching sunset,bike ride in hills. It was an Amazing Experience.

Exploring Karnataka , NandhiHills

Nandi Hills  is an ancient hill fortress built by Ganga Dynasty and later enlarged and strengthened by Tipu Sultan in southern India, in the Chikkaballapur district of Karnataka state. It is 10 km from Chickballapur town and approximately 60 km from the city of Bengaluru. The hills are near the town of Nandi. In traditional belief, the hills are the origin of the Arkavathy riverPonnaiyar RiverPalar River, Papagni and Penna River Watching the sunrise at Nandi Hills is popular with tourists. The first ever SAARC summit hosted by India was held at Nandi Hills in 1986.

UB City, Bangalore.

UB towers, Bangalore

UB City is a luxury business district in BangaloreIndia. It consists of 6 blocks, UB Tower, Kingfisher Plaza, Concorde, Canberra, Comet and Kingfisher Towers, with a total built up area of over 16 lakh sq ft Pioneered by the UB Group in Joint Venture with Prestige Group, it is built on 13 acres (53,000 m2) of land and hosts 1,000,000 sq ft (93,000 m2) of high-end commercial, retail and service apartment space

Random clicks at UB city
With my support system and one of lifeline from IMA

MG road

M. G. Road is also one of the busiest roads in the city and is lined on one side with retail stores, food outlets and restaurants. It has many office buildings, shops and theatres. It is also a home to many buildings and banks. There are two Metro stations on M. G. Road, the eponymous station and Trinity.

Cubbon park

Cubbon park
Seshadri Iyer Memorial Library in Cubbon Park

Cubbon Park, officially called Sri Chamarajendra Park is a landmark ‘lung’ area of Bengaluru city, located within the heart of the city in the Central Administrative Area. Originally created in 1870, when Major General Richard Sankey was the then British Chief Engineer of Mysore state.The landscaping in the park creatively integrates natural rock outcrops with thickets of trees, massive bamboos, with grassy expanse and flowerbeds and the monuments within its limits, regulated by the Horticulture Department of the Government of Karnataka. The predominantly green area of the park has many motorable roads, and the well-laid-out walking paths running through the park are frequented by early morning walkers and the naturalists who study plants in the tranquil natural environment

Life lines..

Life lines of IMA
Partner in Crime

These guys made my Bangalore days more beautiful and crazy enough. One was crazy and other was caring, like everyone have special place in my heart and i don’t wana miss them. In this one year journey i learned so many things from them and they always there for me when i needed.

Crazy paaji

This was my beautiful Journey with these crazy people in Bangalore. Every moment was an Amazing Experience , lots of fun and memories we made. This journey was made me to grow strong mentally and Professionally.


Life teaches many things, before came here i was different and now am leaving this place with full of Confidence,Courage,memories,Love. thanks for the memories we made.. Bye bye Bangalore days.. 🙂

This was my personal Experience in life and it’s all about how this Journey transformed me. thanks for reading this and if you have any Experiences like this share with us, happy to read more and more.With lots of love Sairam Devarakonda.